Keep Out the Ad Copy! Three Tips for Making Stunning Infographics

Did you know that a 2012 study by ROI Research discovered that users on social media sites responded more to images than any other form of data? It is not surprising that the infographic has been gaining popularity as a way for people and businesses to engage and interest online users. The infographic is a graphic representation of complex data, also known as data visualization. If you want to create infographics that are successfully shared and viewed, follow these three tips for success.

1. Keep Out the Ad Copy

Many beginners seem to misunderstand the point of an infographic. It is not supposed to be ad copy. Instead, it should be selling your brand by being informative and fresh. Do you want to be perceived as relevant to your industry and your consumers via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? Here is your chance. Take the bull by the horns and push forward information while knocking back the generic company promises.

2. Stay Simple and Clean

A recent study found that a good use of white space between paragraphs, margins and images increased reader comprehension of content by an incredible 20 percent. White space does not have to be literally white, but it represents the breather room you place between images and text. Using the infographics creator, help readers focus by optimizing your layout. If you find yourself inserting paragraphs of texts, not only is that clunky but it misses the entire point of data visualization. The infographic should largely explain what you would write, not the other way around.

3. Keep it Unified

Constructing a great infographic is like decorating your bedroom. A room looks best when colors, shapes and patterns unify it. Similarly, your blog infographic should have a clear color palette, repeating shapes, and just one or two text typographies. Do not try to cram eight line graphs where only two would fit. If you did this with clothing, your shelves would break. If your infographic is about cheeseburger preferences, get creative with one graph and make it a cheesburger pie graph. Do not go crazy with icons and pictures, though. Having a burger phone in your bedroom is cute. Decorating every wall and available space with pictures of hamburgers, is concerning.