Infographics Help You Educate Your Employees and Connect With Consumers

Advertising and direct mail started to fully hit their stride in the 1960s, but it took until just recently for marketing data to really find an effective means of communication through infographics. While marketing data infographics are not exactly making direct asks, they can be valuable in building brand, establishing industry expertise, and generating leads when used properly. When you look to your different internet marketing strategies, consider that marketing data infographics are an excellent tool for reaching two distinct audiences, your employees, and your potential consumers.

  • Employees.
  • Hopefully your employees fully understand the work that they are doing for your company. However, it is all too common in large organizations with different branches that there is a fragmentation of understanding between groups, and here is where data visualization could help them better understand marketing data, company information, methodology, or anything that you want them to strive towards.

    Infographics are highly effective for conveying messages because more than 50% of the brain is used for processing information visually. This means that pictures get processed more quickly than text, and your message will be better understood when it is easily visualized. Consider using a data visualization tool like Wordle, which creates word clouds from text that you provide. You can use a word cloud to drive home to your employees what the company excels at, or strives to embody. Simply create a word cloud of text from your newsletter, vision, mission, or goals.

  • Consumers.
  • You can create infographics, or hire an infographic creator online, to tailor your message and neatly package your data with pictures, and graphs. Keep in mind that the titling is important for grabbing consumers quickly. About 36% of people prefer headlines with numbers, 21% prefer headlines that address the reader, and about 17% prefer headlines that indicate a “how to” approach.

Online infographic creators are evolving and changing nearly as fast as the popularity of infographics has. Consider that your employees and potential consumers are your prospective audiences, and use infographics for the powerful marketing tools that they are.